Wheel Alignment
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Wheel Alignment Is Essential to the Longevity of Your Tyres

Tweed 4×4 offers specialist wheel alignment services for all types of vehicles. It’s essential to have your wheels aligned to ensure your tyres last and the vehicle is safe. If you own an older vehicle, it may only need its front wheels aligned, while a newer car may need the rear wheels adjusted also.

We recommend having your wheel alignment checked every 10,000km and after having new tyres fitted. The Tweed 4×4 team offers wheel alignments all across New South Wales at an affordable price. Here’s the benefits of having your wheels aligned;

  • Improves safety, helping you keep control of your vehicle
  • Keeps your vehicle running smoothly and free from vibration
  • Gives you more mileage from your gas

What is Involved in Wheel Alignment?

When your vehicle undergoes wheel alignment, the suspension is adjusted. This gets the wheels to sit at the correct angle so the vehicle can work to its best capacity. Here are five areas looked at during a wheel alignment;

  • Caster. This is the angle of the steering axis which supports the wheel and tyre assembly. If the angle is too positive or too negative you will feel it in the steering and stability
  • Camber. This refers to the inward or outward tilt of the tyre
  • Toe. When viewed from above, the toe refers to the front of the tyre.
  • Ride height. This is the distance between the road and the vehicles frame
  • Misalignment and tyre wear. This needs to be checked regularly and can be closely related

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Wheel Alignment

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