Premium Underbody Protection
Underbody Protection

Premium 4WD Underbody Protection

Keep your 4WD safe in harsh environments with a premium underbody protection solution from 4×4 Tweed. Our expert team have decades of experience in the mechanical industry and are all 4WD drivers themselves. This ensures that they understand the safety, performance and drivability requirements of 4×4 vehicles and can recommend products and accessories to suit the different types of off-road driving scenarios.

If you would like more information about 4WD underbody protection or would like to discuss which products would suit your vehicle the best, we invite you to visit our shop for an obligation-free consultation or get in touch on (07) 5524 3411

Underbody Guards and Protection:

The importance of high-quality aftermarket underbody guards and protection cannot be understated. Often, the factory underbody protections (if any) simply aren’t enough to cope in harsh off-road environments. A small scrape from a pointy rock could pierce your sump and cause all kinds of nightmares in the bush. To alleviate this, we source high quality, lightweight guards to protect your sump, differential, radiator and transfer case without drastically effecting your gross vehicle mass (GVM).

Ironman and Drivetech guards are designed to protect the vital running gear of your vehicle without weighing it down unnecessarily. They’re carefully designed with venting and water dispersion holes, ensuring the airflow and durability of your drivetrain components aren’t compromised.

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Professional obligation-free consultation:

Our team of 4×4 experts are on standby for free tailored advice about your 4WD vehicle. Whether you want to expand its current performance capabilities, or unsure if you’re equipped for an upcoming trip, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked on all common 4×4 models for decades and understand their strengths, weaknesses, and what can be improved.

Before your next off-road adventure, pop into 4×4 Tweed Heads for an obligation-free consultation. We’ll recommend some products within your budget to help you achieve your desired level of performance, comfort and reliability.

4WD Underbody Protection

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