Logbook Servicing

Expert 4WD Logbook Servicing and Maintenance

Tweed 4×4 performs logbook servicing for all different makes and models. A 4WD often needs more regular servicing and maintenance, especially if you go off-road frequently. As long as your vehicle is serviced at a service centre that employs fully-qualified technicians like Tweed 4×4, your statutory warranty conditions are being upheld.

Our whole team is highly trained and qualified to the highest levels in the industry. We use quality, branded parts and adhere to the standards set by the National Warranty scheme. We are a fully equipped 4×4 service centre and workshop, offering our customers logbook and general services, repairs, maintenance and installations.

Avoid Major Repairs with Preventative Maintenance Service

It’s tempting to avoid investing cash in a preventative maintenance service. While you may think you’re saving money, this could lead to faults not being found, turning into a major repairs. Preventative maintenance servicing checks your vehicle inside out including;

  • Oils and filters changed
  • Hubs and wheel bearings stripped, cleaned and re-packed
  • New seals and gaskets fitted
  • Major transmission components checked for wear

If you’re planning a big trip, we definitely recommend getting your vehicle checked over. You can tell us what you have planned eg; distance, terrain and any other factors and we’ll ensure it’s going to make the grade. Tweed 4×4 offers its valued customers a free no-obligation checkup for your vehicle and will share with you any recommendations to enhance your vehicles performance.

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Logbook Servicing

Get in touch with 4×4 Tweed Heads to discuss our full range of 4WD products and services including logbook servicing. Call (07) 5524 3411.