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4WD Performance & Exhaust Upgrades on the Gold Coast

4×4 Tweed Heads specialise in 4WD performance upgrades. We offer a number of different products, services and solutions to help you maximise the performance of your 4WD both in terms of power and fuel economy.

Our team of experienced mechanics are all 4WD drivers themselves and they understand the different types of terrains and usage requirements that 4WD deal with, and can recommend the best products to suit.

We offer obligation-free consultations so if you are uncertain about what kind of performance upgrades you might be interested in, or what results you can expect to achieve, we recommend bringing your vehicle in or getting in touch on (07) 5524 3411.

Diesel performance chips:

We use Tunit performance chips on diesel vehicles, allowing us to extract more power and fuel efficiency than the base mapping. Tunit performance systems come with a one or two-year engine warranty and a variety of pre-loaded settings designed specifically for your engine.

You can choose between greater performance, fuel efficiency, or a combination of them with a controller setup inside the car. We can also pair your performance chip with pedal box tuning for better throttle response.

Stock performance in a lot of 4×4 dual cab utes can be pretty lacklustre, and these performance chips allow for safer overtaking on public roads and a little more grunt when you’re climbing up obstacles. The increased performance and fuel economy you get will depend on your make and model, but most of our customers see an increase of between 10-20% in torque and horsepower.

Other performance upgrades:

Performance chips are one of the best bang-for-buck products to get more power out of your engine, however they can be restrictive with a factory exhaust system. Our attached workshop, A1 Automotive can put together custom exhaust systems, or install pre-fabricated products to extract more power from your vehicle.

Obligation-free consultation:

Whether you’re after more power, or want some additional advice on off-roading equipment, come into our workshop for professional advice tailored to your needs. Our 4×4 experts have decades of experience in the mechanical industry and understand the strengths, weaknesses and flaws of all common 4×4 makes and models. We’ll identify what needs work and recommend a package to get your desired levels of performance, reliability and comfort within your budget. Swing by 4×4 Tweed Heads before your next off-road adventure!

4WD Performance Upgrades

Get in touch with 4×4 Tweed Heads to discuss our full range of 4WD products and services including performance upgrades. Call (07) 5524 3411