Signs You Need a 4WD Suspension Upgrade and Its Benefits
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Signs You Need a 4WD Suspension Upgrade

Driving a 4×4 vehicle every day can make it challenging to determine if your suspension system needs attention. While many people wait until their suspension fails to replace it, this is not a wise approach. A reliable and safe suspension system is crucial for both the vehicle’s and occupants’ safety. To help you identify when it’s time for a suspension upgrade, we’ll discuss some warning signs you should be aware of.

Sagging In The Rear

One of the clearest indicators of a faulty 4×4 suspension system is sagging in the rear when carrying heavy loads. This drooping not only increases wear on the vehicle’s mechanical components but also compromises road steadiness and travel safety. If you notice this sign, it’s important to consider upgrading your suspension to maintain optimal performance and safety.

Unnerving Turns

Feeling like your vehicle is drifting or being pushed during turns is another warning sign that indicates the need for a suspension upgrade. When your car’s suspension fails to protect it from the impacts of centrifugal force while manoeuvring, it poses a significant risk to your safety. If you experience this issue, it’s crucial to replace your suspension as soon as possible to ensure proper handling and manoeuvrability.

Suspension Overload

Reconsider the capabilities of your current suspension system if it has been installed for an extended period compared to other 4×4 components. Upgrading your suspension in line with the weight and load-bearing capacity of other accessories, such as canopies, bull bars, and drawers, is highly recommended. This ensures that your suspension performs efficiently and optimally under various conditions.

Nose Diving

Nose-diving, where the front of your vehicle dips significantly when braking hard, is a clear indication of a worn-out 4WD suspension system. This condition becomes more dangerous, particularly during emergency stops. Nose-diving significantly affects your vehicle’s stopping distance, reducing it by up to 20%. If you observe this sign, don’t hesitate to have your suspension checked and replaced promptly to maintain optimal safety.

Bumpy Rides

A rough and uncomfortable ride is another indicator of a degraded 4×4 suspension system. If you start feeling every bump and road imperfection inside the cabin, it signifies fundamental defects in the suspension system. This rough ride could result from worn-out piston-cylinder assemblies in the suspension shock absorbers or strut damage. Thoroughly inspecting your vehicle’s suspension system is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Steering Difficulties

Difficulty in handling the vehicle at low speeds is an indication of suspension system issues. This may manifest as stiff steering or the vehicle skidding and pulling to one side. It could be as simple as a lack of steering fluid or a sign of other underlying vehicle problems.

Squeaking And Knocking Noises

Creaking and rattling noises originating from under your vehicle may be due to defective suspension components. These noises indicate the need for servicing or an upgrade of your 4×4 suspension. Continuing to use damaged suspension bushings and tie rods can place additional stress on other suspension system parts, leading to potential failures.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your 4WD Suspension

Upgrading the suspension on your 4×4 vehicle offers numerous benefits that enhance your driving experience and overall safety. These are just some of the benefits of upgrading or replacing your suspension:

  • Better Handling
  • Enhanced Vehicle Performance
  • Increased Load Capacity
  • Improved Driving Comfort
  • Safer Driving
  • Enhanced Longevity with aftermarket suspensions

The Importance of Upgrading your Suspension

Suspension upgrades are crucial for your 4WD vehicle, providing improved safety, handling, and performance. By paying attention to the warning signs and considering the benefits of upgrading, you can ensure that your 4WD vehicle is equipped with the latest suspension technology to tackle any road or off-road adventure.